Have you Sweat Enough this Summer?

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Have you Sweat Enough this Summer?

Have you sweat enough this summer?

The summer sun and heat stimulate activities and growth, including in human beings. The body’sDeep Heat Detox Spa temperature stays higher, blood vessels expand, circulation is boosted and sweat glands open. Sweating is one of the most healthful things that the human body does. That’s why “people are healthier in the summer” Live Science, and summer sweating is the key to health in winter.

In the summer, we tend to stay in a/c rooms with cold drinks, and perhaps even take cold showers. Circulation and sweating are subdued. As a result, bodily waste fluids that would normally be excreted as sweat, including excess fat, blood sugar, uric acid, hormone and metabolic residues, remain in the body, accumulating in blood streams, clogging the circulation system, and even forming cysts. Heightened activities and circulation during summer, however, mask these ill-effects and encourage undetected accumulation, which then reveal themselves with a vengeance when cold weather arrives.

Cold weather, with fluctuating temperature, causes vasoconstriction, unsteady blood pressure and lower metabolism; these then lead to pain and soreness, rheumatism, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, stroke, vaginal discharge etc.

Cold drink lowers the temperature of digestive channels, both slowing down and causing adverse effect to digestion. Cold drink also stimulates sympathetic nerves to become over-active, causing metabolic syndrome and reducing metabolism, and body fat to accumulate.

On the other hand, drinking warm water dilutes and enhances circulation, and through sweat and urine, helps to more effectively rid bodily waste fluids and residues. Warm water also stimulates organs. When organ temperature is raised by 1 degree, metabolism can be raised by 10-12%. Sweating also promotes metabolism and helps to burn body fat.

If you sweat and effectively rid bodily waste fluids and residues from your body, you will feel relaxed, sleep well, lose weight, eliminate puffiness and excess fluids, and save yourself from sickness and even the threat of sudden death, especially for elders in the winter cold weather.

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