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Lavabene directly addresses root causes of chronic diseases due to the modern urban environment

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The Power of FIR (8-12micron) + ANIONS (7500/cc/sec)

Toxins – Lavabene detoxifies deeplyTreat Illness Houston
  • Lavabene detoxifies so much more than sauna type heat treatments because in sauna type heat treatments, the body sweats shallowly to fight external heat at the skin’s surface.
  • Lavabene detoxifies more deeply than other infrared sauna because Lavabene’s infrared frequency(8-12 micron) is more compatible with human body’s own.
A sedentary lifestyle – Lavabene boosts circulations all over and deep inside the body
  • This rejuvenates the body and strengthens the immune system
Stress – Lavabene immerses its user in negative ions to restore imbalances in the body caused by stress
  • Stress causes the body to constantly be in a fight-or-flight mode, which also results in the body lacking rest-and-repair.
  • Negative ions generators are typically not designed for human immersion and absorption. Absorption through air would be low.
  • Lavabene offers the synergistic effects of combining infrared and negative ions in the Lavabene vessel, leading to both total immersion in and deep penetration by negative ions.
Not resting properly – Particularly in a modern urban setting, people tend to neither rest sufficiently nor do so in a rejuvenating environment.
  • Lavabene brings negative ions to cells and organs all over the body to neutralize free radicals, and to promote healthful cellular activities and repairs, which rejuvenate cells, strengthen organs and boost the immune system.
  • Rest and repair requires time. Therefore regularly drinking Lava water to continually supply the body with negative ions would be extremely helpful
Houston Better Health

Treat Illness • Raise Wellness through Houston 708 SteamLavabene

Treat illness

排 – Excrete – Detoxification

調 – Rebalance – Negative ions immersion to rebalance nervous and other bodily systems

Raise wellness

補 – Supplement – We tend to lack negative ions which Lavabene supplements

養 – Nurture – Boosted circulation and negative ions nurture the body and strengthen the immune system


Houston Better Health

Selected Cases of Improvement through LavaBene

The Lava Steam Therapy

Illness Treatment Houston

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