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Chronic diseases are an epidemic of modern urban life. Their prevalence is not due to contagion, but to the modern urban environment – namely, toxins, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and not resting properly.

Lavabene addresses these root causes directly. See Treat Illness & Raise Wellness. However, manifestations of chronic diseases are often highly idiosyncratic and detailed understanding of cause-and-effect remains a challenge to the medical field. Without such detailed understanding and accompanying studies and statistical results following established medical science conventions, Lavabene cannot legally claim to cure these diseases.

Rather than waiting for advances in the medical field, we therefore offer the next best thing: Since our customers know Lavabene to be effective in curing them, we let our customers speak for Lavabene through their testimonials.

We hope that they will help to convince you of Lavabene’s efficacy and that you will embark on a journey to

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Note: Some testimonials refer to the Lava Hot Spring Machine. The Lava Hot Spring Machine is an earlier design of the LavaBene system. It was designed to produce Lava Water for soaking baths. Limitations of the soaking bath approach led to design changes, resulting in a steam bathing LavaBene system instead.


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Links to Selected Testimonials

Please also see selected cases of improvement for some results observed from regimented treatment sessions.

This is a recent Testimonial – A Story of a Reborn Couple

Houston Better Health
Suffered From Shingles

I have suffered for a year and a half with nerve pain from shingles, after steaming for about two weeks the pain was completely gone along with a persistent rash from the same virus.

My nose is not constantly stopped up so I can breathe better. My hair is a lot softer and my skin no longer itches constantly so I don’t need to use lotion like I use too. I had a sore on my shin that wasn’t healed completely and now the skin around it is completely healed and the wound is not noticeable. Every day I would come home from work with my legs and feet swollen and most weekends they got really bad and I no longer have that issue and I have noticed that my muscles and joints don’t hurt like they use too either.

After years of not being able to sleep through the night when I go steam I sleep better and am not as tired because I have slept more restfully, which helps me to have a more positive attitude.
Recently I woke up all congested and after steaming for two days I felt 90% better and know it is because I was able to open up my sinuses and lungs by steaming.

C. Theobald 63 of age

 A Beautiful Sound in the air throughout Asia

A story of a Reborn couple

I was 47 years old male when I started Lava pod treatment.

I am 5’ 9” and weighed 246 pounds.

I was a restaurant chef. During business hours I was always busy, with no time to consume water and food until late at night. I had to get up very early but went to bed late, and never had enough sleep.

I often fell asleep when I drove, or during conversations. My hands and legs were numb and swollen. I couldn’t walk up stairs; I would be out of breath, and my knees hurt most of the time. I also had sleep apnea and was in the early stage of Alzheimer’s Disease.

I began steaming every day, and changed my lifestyle. I stopped eating anything that would convert into sugar and fat. I drank plenty of 708 water and went to bed at decent hours. After 6 months, I now weigh 178 pounds with a good health index from a doctor’s exam. I no longer have symptoms and no wrinkles on my abdomen.

I was 45 years old female, 5’4” and weighed 245 pounds.

I was not healthy but had no major discomforting symptoms besides skin irritation from atopic dermatitis when seasons changed and a gastric ulcer with which I felt nausea when I was hungry, and GERD which I had to deal with. One day I had a physical exam and my blood sugar index was over 500. Right away I had to start with insulin injections. I injected myself for the first week and then I couldn’t do it anymore. My husband did it for another week and I hated it. Then I realized that I didn’t want to live like that, it was too much suffering.

I started looking for alternative help for my health problems, and I found the Lava pod. I started steaming every day and stopped my insulin injections right away. I changed my diet and lifestyle, and within 6 months, my blood sugar index was down to normal.

I have been steaming everyday for two years now. I now weigh 175 pounds, have beautiful skin and live a happy, healthy life. My scar from 4 caesarean sections is diminishing to a tiny line and there are no wrinkles on my stomach or any part of my body.

I now own a detox spa in Taipei, Taiwan, and am also helping other people open detox spas in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and many more to start soon. I am so grateful to Mr. Chen for being passionate about helping people in a holistic way and I want to continue his journey to share and help others with the Lava pod.


May 20, 2018

Heart Rate Up/Calories Burn

Yesterday I decided to try something different while in the pods. I wanted to compare my heart rate increase and calories burn.
I kept my Fit Bit on during the thirty minute steam.
First my heart rate increased from 65 bpm to 124 bpm. Being a regular runner I was surprised at the increase.
When I entered the pod I had burned 2471 calories at that point during the day. When I exited the pod after the thirty minutes I was up to
2880 calories, a net burn of 409 calories. I was very impressed with the result.
After the steam I usually stay and relax for about another thirty minutes. Surprisingly I burned another 110 calories too. It seems I continued to burn calories well after the steam.
I had a great nights sleep afterward as well..


Ms. See (black spots and dull skin)

It’s the nature of women to like to be beautiful. I started soaking sessions of over 30 minutes. I found my face lightened and smoothed. After over a month’s use, black spots are gradually lightening. So is my skin.

Mr. Wang, Chairman of the Association of Radiation Victims (infection by radiation)

I once lived in a radiation house and was exposed to radiation level as high as 45 rem. According to conservative official estimates, my exposure was equivalent to taking 22,500 chest X-rays. I was classified to be of high cancer risk and was offered free annual body check at the Taiwan University Hospital as part of a research study on the harm of radiation. It was expected that the result of this research into the biological effect to the human body of prolonged exposure to radiation would be submitted for Nobel Prize consideration.

In January, I was fortunate to be introduced to experience the efficacy of LavaBene.

The conventional prognosis made me feel completely hopeless. I was fearfully awaiting death. It was hard to bear. However, after 15 LavaBene sessions, I was feeling, “As long as I can get steamed to be so thoroughly relaxed every time; letting FIR open up my sweat glands and cells; letting negative ions permeate my cells; the free radicals and damages from radiation will be neutralized and my damaged cells will rejuvenate.” Every time I was done, my mood and all my cells felt pleasant. My body told me I was rejuvenated. And having seen several people with terminal cancer relieved and improved through LavaBene, I felt I could be reborn.

4 years ago when I visited Dr. Chung, who was an expert in curing exposure to radiation, his measurement of my infection level was at 180, which was way off the chart. Dr. Chung said that my situation was not suitable for the cures available. I was extremely hopeless and was unable to get over it. After my LavaBene sessions, I went back to Dr. Chung for a checkup. His measurement of my infection level was down to 100, the level for a non-infected person. No symptom of infection could be detected. In other words, I need not fear infection by radiation any longer. LavaBene has enabled me to feel free to plan ahead for my second life. Also the 10,000 victims of radiation houses in Taiwan can be saved. LavaBene can put a full stop to the victims’ suffering.

Through the 15 sessions, I could feel the untold severe damages to my body and my fear that radiation would cause cancer were both gradually lessening. Just thinking of the utter satisfaction coming out of LavaBene would make my whole body feel pleasant. I believe with only 10 more sessions, I would be able to, after getting this year’s annual body check report from Taiwan University Hospital, yell at the University that I no longer need to fear radiation.

Maybe those in charge would consider my experience to be just an isolated case. Then why not change part of the program of free annual body check at the Taiwan University Hospital into a program to help more radiation victims to go through LavaBene sessions? Then compare relevant statistics before coming to conclusion. Perhaps a pronouncement of improved results would help to raise the prestige of Taiwan’s medical establishment, and help its consideration for entering the World Health Organization.

Finally, I would urge Mr. Chen and others in a position to set reasonable and affordable prices for LavaBene sessions to help save the 10,000 innocent victims.

Mr. Chiu (sciatica)

I was a retiree, weighing about 175 lbs (80 kg), and I had sciatica. My son introduced me to use LavaBene. After 3 months, I lost 13 lbs (6 kg). My son said it was because FIR and negative ions penetrating into tissues under the skin, together with the heat of the water stimulating blood vessels, causing capillaries to dilate and sweat. Sweating leads to fat-burning, which results in slimming. Soaking should not be for too long, but should soak more times instead. The profuse sweating achieves the same result as exercising. My chronic sciatica has also improved significantly.

Ms. Sie (poor blood circulation)

Due to poor blood circulation, I often felt tired and had a lack of strength. I even got sick seriously in October 2000 and had to stay in the Department of Neurology at Taiwan University Hospital for 19 days. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the cause, and the attending doctor concluded with “peripheral polyneuropathy.” I even lost my job afterwards. With [LavaBene], I was able to get my whole body (including face and head) to sweat profusely (detoxify) through feet soaking, soaking bath, and showering. Each time I felt refreshed and radiant. Now my ill health is completely gone. But I still continue to do the sessions in order to maintain my hard won health.

Mrs. Chen (body pains and headaches)

I suffered body pain and headaches and slept only fitfully. After undergoing the Lava personal spa sessions 5 times, my condition improved and my quality of sleep was deeper and I awoke refreshed.

Miss Chi (headaches, sores and pains)
Due to work pressure and sitting in front of a computer all day long, I suffered from headaches, body sores and pain, and required frequent body messages. After 3 Lava personal spa sessions, I now prefer to reserve my time to come for LavaBene than to dine with my big clients. I feel good and sleep very well at night.

Ms. Wen (sore and pain)

I was in a car accident a year or so ago and injured my spine. Since then my back constantly felt sore and pain and I could not sit for long.

When I first took soaking baths using Lava Rock Pieces, the pain got worse. I felt it was because old wounds were beginning to heal, so I decided to endure the pain and continue. Sure enough, the pain eased as I continued the soaking baths. I have to thank god for letting me find out about Lava Rock Pieces.

Ms. Chang (shoulder soreness and pain)

My right shoulder was dislocated before. So for over 10 years, it often felt sore and pain due to weather. I saw numerous doctors. Medication only cured the symptom, not the cause. It often recurred. Since I used Lava Rock Pieces for soaking baths, after two months, sore and pain in my shoulder no longer recurred. It’s really miraculous!

Ms. Lai (lupus erythematosus)

I have lupus erythematosus. After 15 sessions using the Lava personal spa, I started to use the hot spring machine to soak for health maintenance. I still go back for Lava personal spa every now and then. My lupus erythematosus has not been active since. I now soak with the hot spring machine almost daily.

Mr. Lin (high blood pressure, diabetes and gout)

I frequently entertained clients, which involved heavy drinking, smoking, and consuming rich foods. As a result, I suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout for many years. On December 18, 2010, I suffered an acute heart attack and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a first class Shanghai hospital. After an emergency team used electric shock, cardiac stimulant injection, and first aid, I was revived. After returning home, I was encouraged to use the Lava personal spa to recover my health. I used the personal spa 25-30 minutes a day consecutively for three months. I also drank Chinese herbal teas including ginseng. My present health condition is that of a healthy twenty-something man. I feel my life is back to normal, mainly thanks to the Lava personal spa care; I would be more than happy to share my experience with anyone wishing to know more.

Now I own 5 Wellness Spas in Shanghai!

Mr. Sie (gout)

I had gout. When it attacked, the joints of my arms, hands, legs and feet became swollen and hurt unbearably. I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep well, creating great suffering. Even after diagnosis, treatment and medication, it didn’t improve. Recently my younger sister introduced me to Lava Rock Pieces and asked me to try soaking. It seemed strange, but when I entered the bathtub, I felt stimulation like a jolt of electricity. And then I never felt that again. After the first soaking, I clearly felt the swelling easing in my elbow and the pain easing. It’s never happened with other treatments. I couldn’t help from feeling excited right away. After several soaking, I now no longer feel unwell. I really thank the blessings that Lava Rock Pieces bring to people.

Mrs. Lee (diabetes)

“If your foot doesn’t improve, it’ll have to be amputated.” Hearing these words from the doctor really scared me. I am already over 80. Several months ago, the skin on my feet gradually turned dark, and blisters appeared that itched. Scratching would tear the skin, drain the fluids and itch even worse. The doctor said it was caused by bad circulation in the body, and asked me to exercise more and drink more water. He also prescribed steroid for me to take and ointment to apply, but to no avail. Whenever I thought of the doctor’s words, I couldn’t help to shed tears because I was entangled by this serious illness.

After two weeks of using Lava products, the problems that troubled me all this time were actually going away gradually. After another month, the skin on my feet returned to its previous color. Blisters also disappeared and it no longer itched. Now it has been 4 months. I can say it’s recovered. My daughter said it’s because the products have negative ions that enable cells to rejuvenate. I don’t understand such reasoning. But I’m thankful for having Lava products, letting me get rid of a troubling illness. I also hope others with the same illness can be as lucky as me and get the opportunity to get cured because of such good products.

Dr. Wong (serious heart disease)

A year ago I suffered from serious heart disease. My doctor warned me not to travel or even walk alone by myself as I might die suddenly from a heart attack. As a scientist, at first I refused to believe that a steaming device would cure my serious illness and even made a joke about it. I sought medical help from both top Western medical doctors and traditional Chinese herb remedies but without significant improvement. With no other options, I reluctantly decided to give the Lava personal spa a try but still took the medication prescribed by the physician. I first used the personal spa on a daily basis for two weeks, then periodically two to three times a week. Now, after two months of use, I feel a huge improvement in my health. In August 2012 I even took a week-long sightseeing trip to China with my wife. I felt just fine. What is also interesting is that the doctor who had been treating my heart problems is also a frequent user of the personal spa.

Dr. Chen — heart specialist (observations of heart specialist)

When I found that my patients, including my own brother, did not get much improvement through Western medication, I recommended that they try Lava personal spa therapies. This alternative therapy did not hinder nor had any conflict with regular treatments I prescribed. To my amazement, I found my patients underwent great improvement. But because of my role in Western medicine, I can’t openly recommend that my patients use this therapy.

Mrs. Lin (skin irritation and rashes)

I had my thyroid gland removed (thyroidectomy) many years back. I often had skin irritation and rashes. The very first time I tried out the Lava personal spa, I found an unbelievable mushy light black liquid stain coming out with the sweat of my body onto the white towel on which I was seated in the personal spa. I decided to continue this personal spa therapy. After 9 consecutive sessions, I felt like a feather when walking and had no more itching. I will recommend this to all my friends who have ailments which this personal spa can help.

Mr. Mark C (skin Irritation and rashes)

I went to LavaBene after exhausting all methods to help with a skin infection (Staphylococcus aureus.) At one point I was on 4 separate antibiotics; 1- injection in the morning, 4- pills throughout the day and 2- separate topical ointment/cream. Nothing was working.

I began the Detoxification in the spring of 2015, after the second visit the itching was not as severe as before. The fourth visit was the first sign of the infection being healed and no more itching. By the 6th visit to LavaBene, There was remarkable improvement the sores were healing and no new ones were appearing. By the tenth visit all the sores had healed, and no new sores appeared. By the sixteenth visit I was completely healed. The infection has not returned. Today, its completely cured but, I continue to go because of all the benefits it offers. Improved skin, I have a more restful sleep, I manage stress more effectively, I have less joint pain, I have this inner peace that keeps me more focused. I highly recommend the LavaBene Detoxification Spa to everyone who desires good health, happiness, and a quality of life.

Ms. Oan (skin allergies)

I am an insurance servicer. Having to be under the hot sun over the years and sweating all over, my chest developed skin allergies due to the sweat. Scratching caused bleeding and rashes appeared as well. The doctor said long term treatment was needed for skin allergies to improve. After doing soaking baths using Lava Rock Pieces 5 or 6 times, the allergic rashes on my chest disappeared. And it no longer itches. My skin has been restored to a finer state. It doesn’t itch even when sweating under the hot sun.

Mr. Wong (trouble with legs)

I was on dialysis after suffering kidney failure caused by a heavy fall in which the spine put pressure on the kidney. I had weak lower leg muscles, and had trouble sitting down and standing up. I can now walk without assistance, with a cane, and feel much stronger day by day.

Mrs. Huang (menstrual pain)

I had been suffering excruciating pain every month during menstruation for years. I underwent Lava personal spa sessions 15 times. Now I have no more pain at all. My flow has changed color from dark red to bright red.

Ms. Chung (“weak-cold” condition)

For 20 years, I suffered from headaches, unsteady blood pressure and excessive sensitivity. My head would ache for a week if I permed or dyed my hair – sometimes even needing to take medication or see the doctor. Also, I was suffering from hemorrhoids.

[Since] I start using [the LavaBene system], the health improvements are indescribable. Some of the wonderful results include:

1. After 1 week, my more than 10 years back pain improved noticeably.
2. By drinking Lava Water, my mouth blisters cured overnight. They used to take 5 to 7 days to cure.
3. My unsteady blood pressure has become normal.
4. My hemorrhoid has shrunk considerably to a manageable size.
5. Used to, there is only a day or two per month that I did not feel rheumatic pain all over. Now the pain comes no more than once a week. I no longer need to take medication every day.

Ms. Liu (atopic dermatitis)

My daughter had suffered from excessive sensitivity ever since she was born. It worsened with age. One month ago, blisters appeared on her from head to toe that itched unbearably. She wasn’t able to sleep. Even in the hot weather, she had to wear long sleeves which cause her to sweat profusely, for fear of the pus, blood and contacts that would cause pain. It was unspeakably miserable.

After [drinking Lava Water and taking a soaking bath using Lava Water] for 3 consecutive days, my daughter was able to sleep well at night, no longer being troubled by itchiness. It has been about a month now. My own atopic dermatitis has improved a lot. We have slept well this month, and without having to suffer itchiness.

Ms. Jaun (atopic dermatitis)

I had atopic dermatitis. I saw many doctors and took many medications to no avail. After 15 sessions using the Lava personal spa, things improved a lot. I now do 2 sessions a week for maintenance.

Ms. Sie (atopic contact dermatitis)

Every winter when I wore high collar sweaters, the terrible atopic contact dermatitis recurred. The last several times I saw a dermatologist, the prescribed ointment was able only to temporarily suppress the redness and itch. And it would leave highly unsightly dark and rough marks. Since the affected area was at the back of the neck, when it warmed and I took off the high collar clothing and applied ointment, I wouldn’t quite feel it. But whenever it got cold and I had to wear high collar clothing, it would recur. It’s unbearably troubling. Since I started to use the various Lava products, not only had the atopic contact dermatitis not recurred, even the rough affected areas were restored to their original state. Also there was no need to use any lotion, and my skin would not feel dry (previously my skin would become white and dry in winter). My easily chilled body also improved and I no longer caught cold easily. Even if I caught cold, if I then soaked with Lava Rock Pieces right away, it would cure. Since my various conditions improved, I introduced the products to my relatives and friends to use. It ended up that most people’s conditions improved noticeably.

Ms. Liao (eczema)

I don’t have good skin. My left wrist had eczema for years. It’s unbearably itchy. After taking soaking baths with Lava Rock Pieces for 2 months, I have almost forgotten the eczema. Soon colleagues and friends asked what named brand cosmetics I had changed to. They said my skin was smoother and brighter. I had almost forgotten the matter and suddenly thought of looking at my wrist. The skin was smoother and brighter, seemingly lightened considerably. I tried looking for the areas with eczema, but couldn’t find any trace. I sincerely thank Lava Rock Pieces. They not only eliminated the trouble of eczema. They also unexpectedly removed aging and horny tissues. They made my skin better.
Ms. Huang (gynecological condition and high blood pressure)
I had leucorrhea for over 3 months, but felt embarrassed to see the doctor. I read that Lava Rock Pieces can curb bacteria. After taking soaking baths for over a month, my leucorrhea was cured. Other symptoms were also gone. It’s great to have them. My mother has high blood pressure. I gave her some Lava Rock Pieces, but she didn’t know how to use them. She felt dizzy after soaking and wasn’t able to sleep all night due to blood circulating too quickly. After inquiring, we found that she should shower to cool off after sweating and soak multiple times. This would prevent dizziness. Right now, her high blood pressure has improved.

Ms. Chiu (gynecological conditions)

Having worked all these years and approaching middle age, I was expecting my body to easily become pear shaped, and my menstrual cycles to slow down and become erratic. Soaking bath and drinking of Lava Water allowed me to successfully control my weight and appeared to have delayed the onset of menopause. Due to negative ions’ cell rejuvenating effect, my menstrual cycles have remained regular. Premenstrual symptoms are no longer an ordeal that can cause back pain and soreness and would require taking days off from work. The discharge quantity is normal and is smooth, and the color is brighter red than before.

Ms. Huang (post-menopausal symptoms)

I had typical post-menopausal symptoms – headaches, insomnia, lethargy, etc. After 15 sessions using the Lava personal spa, my condition improved.

Mr. Lin (kidney stones)

Before drinking and soaking in Lava Water, both my kidneys were found to contain at least 4 stones each. The biggest one was 0.7 cm in diameter. After drinking and soaking in Lava Water for a year, in February 23 this year, I went to Taiwan University Hospital for an ultrasound again. Only 1 stone remained in my right kidney and 2 small ones in my left. I was extremely satisfied. I believe that if I continue, all stones will be eliminated and my kidney function will be fully restored.

Mr. Rei (rheumatoid arthritis)

When I was doing my military duty, I often hung around with my company after rotations to have drinks. After all these years, I now have rheumatoid arthritis. My two legs seem not to be mine. It feels strange when I walk. After doing soaking baths using Lava Rock Pieces a few times, my condition has improved significantly. The pain and soreness have eased.

Ms. Luo (arthritis)

My two arthritic knees became swollen for over half a year. Seeing the doctor and taking medications did not help. I wasn’t able to squat. It was really painful. Someone introduced me to doing soaking baths using Lava Rock Pieces and after 2 months, my health has been restored. I am completely healed, nimble as I want.

Ms. Tsai (athlete’s foot and cold)

Recently the weather changed drastically. My athlete’s foot was acting up again. Because of being too busy with work, I was tired and caught cold. So I took a soaking bath using Lava Rock Pieces. And I soaked my feet with heated bath water, with vinegar added. I felt relaxed. In the next few days, my athlete’s foot no longer itched. My feet felt dry and comfortable. After 3 days of soaking baths, I recovered from the cold as well.

Mr. Kurihara (athlete’s feet)

For work reasons, I had to wear shoes all day. I started to have athlete’s foot. Every day the itching bothered me continually. Since I used water heated with Lava Rock Pieces to soak my feet, my feet feel refreshed and comfortable. Even though I wear shoes all day, I still feel comfortable. I am no longer bothered by the itch.

Mr. Huang (gastroenterology and insomnia)

After reaching middle age, since I entertained clients a lot when I was younger, I started having gastrointestinal discomfort, indigestion and gastrointestinal infections two years ago. This is a significant matter that I was unable to put out of my mind. Since I drank Lava Hot Spring Water, the aforementioned conditions no longer recurred. My wife also had insomnia often previously. Since soaking with and drinking Lava Hot Spring Water, she improved as well.

Ms. Cheng (insomnia)

My son is busy with work. He often works until 11 or 12 at night. For unknown reasons, he finds it hard to fall asleep. One day he worked past 12 and was still not back. I called him and he said that he was eating with friends at the night market after work and would be back afterwards. I told him it was late and I was going to bed first, but I already had water in the bathtub for him to take a bath before going to bed.

I didn’t know when he got back. Early next day, my son asked me strangely, “Mom. The bath water was especially good yesterday. What did you put in there? I slept well after the bath till this morning.” Well, that was the result of using Lava Rock Pieces for the bath water.

Mrs. Liu (numbness and fluid retention)

Due to an injury years ago, I had numbness and fluid retention in one leg. During the first two times I tried Lava personal spa, large purulent blisters formed on my toes. They then burst, releasing the pus, and my condition improved greatly. After my fifth use of the Lava personal spa and drinking Lava water, my white blood cell count returned to normal.

Mr. Sie (deteriorating health and lethargy)

Work being busy and lacking the time to exercise caused my health to deteriorate as well as caused lethargy. My friend introduced me to Lava Rock Pieces. I soaked them in hot water for over 30 minutes daily. Then I took multiple soaking baths with the water. Every time I sweated profusely and I drank negative ion water for replenishment. After profuse sweating, it felt like having exercised. My body restored its youthfulness. My mental state was well also. Lava Rock Pieces solved the problem of a lack of exercise. It really is precious for healthfulness.

Ms. Jaun (over-weight)

My husband was born chubby. He took many diet medications, but none turned out to be effective. I forced him to use Lava Rock Pieces for soaking baths. Each time he did 2 or 3 soakings, going back in after sweating stopped, and helping to mop the floor after getting out. After having done so for about 2 months, he has now slimmed significantly. He said sentimentally, “I soaked leisurely and not only slimmed down. I also became a good man by helping my wife with chores. This has done multiple good deeds.

Ms. Wu (over-weight)

As I aged, I lost my youthful figure and started to “grow laterally”. Since owning Lava Rock Pieces, I have hope. Soaking before going to bed every night, I have lost 7 lbs (3 kg) in a month. This is more economical than spending money on medication, and without side effects. I really hope to have “my dream come true” – to regain my youthful figure.

Ms. Kuo (rejuvenation and weight loss)

My husband works out of town. Every time he came back, he complained that he was so bored after work, not knowing how to pass time alone. Watching TV every day in the room, either eating or sleeping, his waistline grew and a beer belly appeared. I gave him a box of Lava Rock Pieces. Now at night when working out of town, he pass time by enjoying soaking baths. After a couple of months, his skin became finer, brighter and smoother. His beer belly also shrunk a lot. My husband said, “Using it to soak can get rid of the day’s tiredness. And it releases stress. Really helps me sleep.”

Mr. Chen (health deterioration due to injury)

I am a 74 year old retired farmer. Several years ago I fell and could no longer walk. I had to use a motorized wheelchair. At the beginning of this year, there was severe pain in my spine. I started using Lava Rock Pieces in March 1990. Things actually improved in half a month. Now I still use it daily. Due to the profuse sweating when I soak, stimulating metabolism and good blood circulation, my health is being restored.

Ms. Huang (body odor)

My pretty baby, she is so proud of her looks. But whenever she thought of her heartache – body odor, she dared not go out. I used Lava Rock Pieces for her to take soaking baths and used the water to massage various parts. After trying this for over a month, it’s improved 80%. Now I don’t smell any body odor even when I walk pass her side. My daughter has regained confidence. She has a new boyfriend.

Ms. Jaun (body odor)

My husband has strong body odor. People invariably find it unbearable. He tried all approaches to no avail. Since we got Lava Rock Pieces, we often soak together.

Yesterday sitting by my husband, I no longer detected any odor. I smelled a whiff only when I got close to him.

I really thank Lava Rock Pieces. Not only did they cure my husband’s body odor. They also helped us to become more intimate.

Ms. Wu (bulging abdomen and black spots)

Everyone knows I like being pretty. Recently I found that I have a small belly when I bathed. It really troubled me. Black spots on my face have also cost me in the past few years. Lately I used Lava Rock Pieces for soaking baths. And I massaged my face using towels wetted with the water. After this past couple of months, I no longer see a small belly in the mirror. And colleagues say my skin has lightened. Black spots on my face have improved. I am really happy. I want to continue soaking until my black spots disappear.

Ms. Ding (post cancer rehabilitation)

I am a working woman. Work and home, the candle burns on both ends. I have high self-expectation and strong sense of responsibility for both work and family. Over time, my immunity system deteriorated. With stress accumulating, my immunity was weak and I often caught cold. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After two operations, I was very weak. Upon introduced by friends, I drank Lava Water and soaked with Lava Rock Pieces daily. On the one hand, this accelerated detoxification. On the other hand, this replenished oxygenated negative ions water to improve cells’ ability to rejuvenate. It seems strange, but over these past two years, my health has got better. I no longer catch cold easily. Periodic health checks all pass. And I am full of mental vigor. My husband, children and colleagues all look at me with new eyes!

Mr. Chen – Director of Lava Hot Spring (constipation)

Five years ago, I had severe constipation. I even needed medication for temporary treatment. But it would recur in a few days. It troubled me for several years. Since I use Lava Water, I no longer have constipation. I have reached middle age. Gastrointestinal movement should be weakened. With the stress of operating the Lava Hot Spring business and repeated all-nighters, it would have been expected that conditions would be worse. But the result was the opposite.

Mr. Ramadan (Psoriasis)

I have suffered with psoriasis for over 20 years with parts of lower legs, lower back and back of my hands skin covered. I have attempted Ultra-violet therapy, prescribed medication and creams but there is no cure. The only remedy or relief I have found was going to the beach in summer for 3-5 days swimming in sea water and sun bathing for hours. However this was temporary solution and the symptoms would come back after returning to the city.

One day, one of my frequent customers at my coffee shop recommended the Lavabene Detox steam treatment at Soma Symmetry in the Woodlands, Texas.
After 4 treatment in 4 weeks, my itching stop, after 10 treatments my skin started healing and the patches of psoriasis began to disappear from some parts of my skin. All the scaling is gone and the redness reduced drastically. So far this is the best solution for me.

Ms. Janice M. (Asthma)

As a young child I suffered sports related asthma and exercise induced asthma, as I grew older my asthma got worse with exercise and exertion. By the age of 50 I was taking albuterol on the average of three times a day to control my asthma symptoms. As with many medication albuterol has side effects including severe muscle cramping because of the lowered potassium levels.
A few weeks ago I was introduced to Lavabene detox steaming. After only 2 steams I was able to cut back on my albuterol from three times to two times a day. After 2 weeks of steaming, I have been able to reduce my albuterol almost completely. Three of the last four days I have not had to take albuterol at all for asthmatic symptoms. My muscle cramping has disappeared completely. I have also noticed my skin has become much softer and the fine lines on my face are not as noticeable. My feet feel like I have had a pedicure although it has been a long time since I’ve had an actual pedicure, however my feet are very soft with no roughness at all. After resting and showering, to complete the detox steam process, I feel as though I have worked out. I have more energy throughout the day. I would recommend Lavabene detox steaming for the health benefits and the visual benefits I have noticed after only 2 weeks of detox steaming every other day.

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During Pandemic, we all realize “health is new wealth”.

If you have come to us since Pandemic, we have prepared you better to fight the virus and the stress from lockdown and now the flu.

The end of 2020 is approaching, we shall be celebrating that we are fortunate to be fine and well and are able to enjoy the holidays.

We will be closed from 12/24/2020 until 1/4/2021 to run our annual maintenance in order to better serve you when we reopen at 1/5/2021.

Happy Holidays!

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