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More on Benefits of Negative Ions

It is well accepted that accumulation of toxins and cellular disrepair are two key causes of chronic ailments. Negative ions address both.

There are various sources of toxins. They include chemicals in our diet, pollution in the air and water, residual medications, metabolic wastes, etc. Left in the body, these toxins can cause harm and aggravate bodily systems. Negative ions act as antioxidant to neutralize various toxins. In doing so, negative ions prevent the harmful effects of toxins.

H20At a fundamental level, cellular repair is regulated by a balance between the complementary sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. Toxins heighten “fight-or-flight” activities stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system, thus suppressing “rest-and-digest” activities stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system. Accumulated toxins therefore increase free radicals (which result from “fight-or-flight” activities), causing increased damage to cells, and while at the same time causing suppression of cellular repair. In neutralizing toxins and preventing their harmful effects, negative ions thus also keep them from causing suppression of cellular repair.

Chronic stress, which has become increasingly commonplace, causes prolonged heightening of “fight-or-flight” activities, and suppresses cellular repair as a result. In this case, negative ions can help to restore the balance between the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system, thus reviving cellular repair and bodily recovery.

These fundamental benefits of negative ions can work together to promote holistic rejuvenation of the body. Proper repair of blood vessel cells prevents blood vessels from thickening and hardening. Negative ions also help to keep the blood clean by neutralizing harmful particles, which both prevents clogging and improves the blood’s ability to transport vital nutrients to cells and toxins away from them. This promotes healthful cellular activities, and in turn improves organ functioning. Negative ions can therefore be a key to holistic general health improvement.

Modern society brings environmental pollution of air, water, electric-magnetic wave and steel and concrete. We are thus immersed in positive ions (free radicals), causing us to age more easily and speeding up deterioration of bodily systems.

Researcher at Cambridge University concluded that sickness, aging and dying have two main causes:

  1. Continual accumulation of toxins
  2. Incomplete repair of damaged cells
Body Negative Ion Content and Age

Children have more negative ions in their body, about 85%. They have high metabolic rate and toxins do not accumulate easily to cause problems. As they get older, negative ions decrease. The body’s ability to self-heal can no longer eliminate oxidants; cellular repair is thus incomplete, leading to disease, aging and death.

Amount of Negative Ions and Health

Below 50/cm3: induces physiological issues (chest tightness, headache, amnesia, neurasthenia, tiredness, allergy, respiratory ailment, irritability, etc.), leading to physical sickness

  • 1000-2000/cm3: satisfies body’s basic need
  • 5000-50000/cm3: strengthens immune system
Amount of Negative Ions in different environmentsNegative ION Chart
  • Air conditioned enclosures
  • (e.g. rooms and cars) 25/cm3
  • Urban indoor 40-50/cm3
  • Urban greenery 100-200/cm3
  • Urban parks 400-600/cm3
  • Countryside 700-1500/cm3
  • Mountain and seaside 5000-10000/cm3
  • Bamboo forest 8000-10000/cm3
  • Natural forest and waterfall 5000-50000/cm3
Ways Human Body Absorbs Negative Ions from the Environment

85 % through the skin and 15% through breathing, so LavaBene steaming can replenish negative ions; this does not account for direct ingestion such as drinking negative ions infused water

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Drink ‘Good Water’ to Get Regular Doses of Negative Ions

Given our typical day-to-day environment – polluted air, water and food laden with chemicals, tendency to overuse medications and frequent high stress situations, most people can use repeated exposures to negative ions which act as antioxidants to neutralize toxins and which help to restore balance in the nervous system from prolonged stress. While negative ions are present naturally in high concentrations near waterfalls, beaches, forests, etc., getting sufficient exposures by spending the necessary time in such environments is simply not feasible for most people. Going through frequent LavaBene sessions would likely be infeasible for most people as well. Lava Rocks can be the missing link here. Heating water with Lava Rocks in the container would result in ‘good water’ that has been bombarded by FIR and is infused with negative ions. Drinking such ‘good water’ can provide healthful doses of negative ions.

02 Bubbles

Good Water

  • Ph between 7 and 8
  • Cleansed & well-oxygenated
  • Small molecular clusters
  • Balanced minerals content with ample electrolytes


In addition to acting as antioxidants and helping to restore balance in the nervous system, this ‘good water’ has been shown to be beneficial in other ways. It is found to be cleansing, kill germs and increase oxygen content. It is mildly alkaline (ph 7.0 to 7.5), and can thus be a suitable cure for acidity in the body. It’s alkalinity also means it would be compatible with human blood (ph 7.365), and likely much of body chemistry. Furthermore, FIR and negative ions caused water to form smaller molecular clusters, making them more easily absorbed into organs of the body, delivering their benefits more directly and quickly. Ample electrolytes make it ideal for replenishing water loss due to sweating during LavaBene sessions.
Using Lava Rocks to get a continual supply of ‘good water’ to drink should be an easy way to secure the significant health benefits of negative ions this should be an ideal way to cleanse your body holistically, restore its balance and help your cells and organs recuperating gradually. We invite you to inquire about how to use Lava Rocks to produce ‘good water’ to help to improve the health of you and your loved ones.

Good Water = Source of Health

Good WaterThe human body is up to 75% water.

What kind of water are you using for your brain, blood and other vital organs?

Good Water

  • Ph between 7 and 8
  • Cleansed & well-oxygenated
  • Small molecular clusters
  • Balanced minerals content with ample electrolytes

Get Good Water with Negative Ions by heating water with Lava rocks

  • Negative ions act as antioxidants to cleanse water, restrict bacteria growth, increase oxygen content and restore balance in nervous system
  • Mild alkalinity is a cure for acidity and is compatible with the ph of blood and other body fluids
  • Small molecular clusters are more easily absorbed, delivering benefits more quickly and directly
  • Ample electrolytes make it ideal for replenishing water loss due to sweating during LavaBene sessions

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