Cardio Workout by Sitting in a Vessel!!!

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Cardio Workout by Sitting in a Vessel!!!

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How to get the best cardio results while sitting in the vessels

No pollution, No wear and tear on joints, No lactic acid build-up
Plus endless health benefits of negative ions
Professional athletes used the vessels during training to rid the lactic acid

Imagine you’re running 10 miles or in the gym being trained by a tough trainer, and the goal is to pump up your heart rate above your normal rate in order to get the most health benefits. Feeling light-headed or nauseous is considered a normal reaction.

For the first timer, slowly build up your tolerance to the heat, and increase the temperature with each visit until your heart rate gets as high as you can stand it comfortably. Keep drinking water slowly before, after and during the vessel time.

If your skin feels itchy as the toxins leave your body, rub on the area gently, DO NOT scratch.

If you’re getting too hot or light-headed during the vessel time, open the towel to cool down your body for a break until you are ready to resume the temperature. Please remain in the vessel until you are fine to step out of it, otherwise ask for assistance. If you feel nauseous, stop drinking water until that feeling is gone.

If you don’t reach your peak heart rate at the end of the vessel time, and would like to boost the cardio result, please ask the assistant for additional minutes, or if you have any concern during the vessel time, please ring the bell and ask for help.

Even while you’re out of the vessel, toxins are still coming out with your sweat, so please keep your body warm as long as possible to gain the most detoxing benefits.

Enjoy your vessel, where you get the most health benefits without lactic acid build-up, or wear and tear on your joints. In addition, you’re immersed in negative ions which offer endless health benefits.

  • Let us know if you suffer from low blood pressure. We will lower the temperature at half time until your body gets use to the temperature.
  • We recommend not showering after your steam session, to preclude interruption of beneficial sweating.
  • Deep sweat is odorless and does not feel sticky on the skin or cause discomfort.
    Bring a bath robe to better pamper yourself.
  • If you have any favorite essential oils you would like to steam with, feel free to bring them along.
  • If you like to hydrate and revitalize your facial skin, put a facial mask on clean face after steam while you’re resting.
  • Steaming with Eucalyptus oil might help, if you have a Cold, Fever, Cough, Headache, Sinusitis or Respiratory system-related condition.

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