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Introducing the LavaBene H- water bottle*

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Introducing the LavaBene H- water bottle*

The only bottle that produces Molecular Hydrogen water with negative ions, balanced traces and minerals.  Good for anyone’s daily use; won’t cause edema even for people with kidney issues.

Activated H is an effective antioxidant, much more powerful than vatamins and minerals due to its stability, diffusedness, and permeability. H absorbs free radicals O+, oxides, neutralizes then becomes H2O eventually discharged through sweat and urine.

H stays in the body stably and will be released over a long period of time and is delivered through water to every cell of the body. Since H is the tiniest molecule in the body, it can even reach the end of circulation.

To be most effective, drink in small doses. Testimonies show, after drinking at least 2000cc of H   water daily for 60 days, it specially helps conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, kidney disorders, skin related issues, insomnia, stress/tension, and weight loss. It also helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells, especially colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer. Testimony showed, a 3.2cm node of thyroid cancer, after 60 days of drinking Hwater, near total regression of the priority seen enlarged node.

* US INPEX Silver Medal 2015Awards

* GENEVE Gold Medal 2016

* British Invention Gold Medal Award 2015

* German URKUNDE/CERTIFICATE Silbermedaille 2015

* German patent #20 1018 100 974 & #20 2017 105 443

  • Improve the conditions of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, triglycerides, Parkinsons, and Alzheimer.

* China patent # ZL 2013 2 0780513.X

  • Improve the conditions of cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and kidney disorders.

* Taiwan patent # 426435 & 487132 & 516450 & 532901

* Japan patent # 3213592

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