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Clean inside and beautiful outside

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Clean inside and beautiful outside

Clean Inside and Beautiful Outside

Lavabene detox treatment uses steam to boost deep sweat through clogged skin pores and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh.LavaBene Spa

The negative ions generated by 708 tourmaline repair the skin damages from the sun and pollutions.

Heat can create a biological change in the skin. Our skin has receptors that can be manipulated when exposed to heat. When the heat penetrates deep into the dermis, it stimulates the chemical and vibrational response, which intentionally causing damage to a recovery.

When heat hits the skin, it encourages skin rejuvenation by boosting collagen production and feeding the skin cells’ mitochondria. Therefore improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, as well as inspire an overall youthful glow.
30 minutes in Lavabene steam pod not only detox and cleanse the whole body through sweat, boost blood circulation, balance free radical, repair damaged cells, but also leave a soft and clean skin.

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