Drink Enough Water to Survive

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Drink Enough Water to Survive

Drink enough water to Survive, Drinking Water   

Drink good water to Live Well

    Health Benefits of H  (Negative Hydrogen Ion) Water

  1. Balance PH, enhance the body’s conductivity
  2. Anti-free radical, Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging
  3. Inviability of harmful microorganisms (virus, germs,  cancer cells and etc.)
  4. REDOX and boost metabolism
  5. Hydration and Detoxification
  6. Increase life energy A.T.P.
  7. Burn accumulated body fat
  8. Boost nutrient absorption & Immune system
  9. Lower high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol

10. Help with Kidney related disorder conditions

H Water


How important is H to the body:

Human body consist of H 63%+O 25.5%+Carb 9.5%+N 1.4%

Human body needs CHO (carb) + COOH (body fat) + NH2 (protein)

For more info regarding molecular hydrogen : www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org

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During Pandemic, we all realize “health is new wealth”.

If you have come to us since Pandemic, we have prepared you better to fight the virus and the stress from lockdown and now the flu.

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