Help with your Liver Disease

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Help with your Liver Disease

Lava Bene steam treatment can help with your liver disease
– – Let our pods do the work instead of your liverHouston Liver Treatment

“Most people have too little confidence in the body’s remarkable potential for self-healing.”
– – Dr. Andrew Weil

Liver disease can be silent for many years at a time. As many as half the people who have it do not have any symptoms at all. If you have warning signs, they are often vague. Such as being really tired, achy muscles, itchy skin, swelling in your belly, dark urine, confusion, yellowing of the eyes, or skin.

The liver, is a wedge-shaped organ, about the size of a football. Weighing in around 3 pounds, it is your largest organ. The only organ that can grow back when part of it is damaged or removed.

What does the liver do?
Besides taking toxins out of your blood, the liver has about 500 jobs, including making bile, a liquid essential for digestion. The liver takes what you consume, turns it into energy and nutrients. Also, helps your body use carbs, and in blood clotting.

Liver diseases:

  • Alcohol-related fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis.
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) related, can be found in more than 600 medications. Including prescription drugs, many over-the-counter pain killers, cold and cough remedies as well.
  • Bilirubin related jaundice and Hepatitis A. Your skin and eyes can turn a yellow shade when there is too much of bilirubin in your blood.
  • Hepatitis C is usually spread by blood, either through a accidental hospital needle-stick, or sharing needles. Can be spread from an infected mom to baby during birth, and sometimes can be spread during sex.

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