Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is coming soon time to show our mothers gratitude by extending her quality of life, and free us from unexpected stress.

Obesity is the cause of over 100 diseases.
Losing weight, body and belly fat, takes real work, diet and exercise are just not enough.

No matter what your game plan is, detoxing is a must while losing fat and keeping it off.
As the fat is melting away toxins are released in the body, circulating to your organs, including the heart.

Women with a waist circumference more than 35 inches, and men more than 40 inches are at increased risk of disease. A thicker waistline can lead to, heart attack, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, decreased libido and dementia.

Belly fat, called visceral fat, is closer to the internal organs, this type of fat can be related to hormones, that kick in at menopause. That is why many women start seeing their tummies thicken, as they get older.

Your body also makes a stress hormone called cortisol, this increases belly fat. Cortisol narrows blood vessels and raises your blood pressure to increase blood flow. Your body needs this in times of high stress. To much cortisol can lead to blood vessel damage and plaque buildup it can be very hard on the heart. It can also lead to weight gain, or stroke.

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Dear LavaBene Guests,

During Pandemic, we all realize “health is new wealth”.

If you have come to us since Pandemic, we have prepared you better to fight the virus and the stress from lockdown and now the flu.

The end of 2020 is approaching, we shall be celebrating that we are fortunate to be fine and well and are able to enjoy the holidays.

We will be closed from 12/24/2020 until 1/4/2021 to run our annual maintenance in order to better serve you when we reopen at 1/5/2021.

Happy Holidays!

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