Negative ION’s

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Negative ION’s

Negative Ions in the air —

“I was curious as to why people seem to get better when they are surrounded by nature in the countryside — and then relapse once they’re back in the city,” Dr. Noboru Horiguchi says. “I believed it had something to do with the air.”

Anions, so-called “vitamins of the air,” have seemingly miraculous properties that ensure good blood circulation, reduced stress, increased awareness, and a cleaner environment. Negative ions are “the driving force of human life.” They enter the human body and rejuvenate and revitalize cells.

Illness is mostly due to acidification, oxidation and oxygen- free radicals occurring in the body. With negative ions, there is a change from acid to alkaline, and through oxidation reduction, a change to a state of anti-oxidation. By reducing or removing the causes of illness and thus solidifying healthy elements, currently incurable cancers, cerebrovascular stokes, or paraplegia can disappear. Acidification of the human body is the same principle as rusting or oxidation of iron and metal.

Negative Ions are atmospheric molecules (atoms) such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water or nitrogen that are loaded with one electron more than normal. Conversely, positive ions are one electron less atmospheric molecules (atoms) found in profusion in polluted air, electromagnetic waves, cigarette smoke . . . and just about anything you might name that’s bad for health.

This reaction, called ionization, which occurs naturally under the influence of energy from such sources as cosmic rays, lightning, sunlight, and even waterfalls, was considered so significant that the phenomenon was named the Lenard Effect after its discoverer.

From being just one of science’s many fascinating phenomena, though, atmospheric negative ions are now apparently becoming the answer to many health problems, from everyday stress to lifestyle-related illnesses such as cancer and hyperlipidemia.

“The standard pH level of a human body is 7.4, which is slightly alkaline,” says Horiguchi. “But this balance is destroyed when too many positive ions go into your body, because they cause oxidation, which raises the acid level.”

“When too many positive ions accumulate, they increase the amount of activated oxygen in the body,” says Horiguchi. “And activated oxygen is believed to be a cause of cancer and other serious sicknesses.”

Surprisingly, though, he says that as much as we apparently benefit from negative ions, we need positive ones as well.

“The important thing here is balance, as in a balanced diet,” says Horiguchi. “Because positive ions suppress viruses due to their oxidizing effect.” According to Akiko Sugahara, another researcher in the field of negative ions, the ideal balance of positive to negative ions is 1:1.2-1.5, but today it’s 1:2.1 or even worse.

Today psychological problems and cardio-related disease are now affecting even the younger generation. This is due to the imbalance in the electrical field where the formation of positive ions accelerates beyond control, due to increased use of technology in society. Uncontrolled exposure to excessive positive ions can result in health problems such as hypertension, increased blood acidity, hormonal and immune system imbalance, insomnia, anxiety, stress and heart disease.

Negative ION's

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