How Important are Negative Charges (ions) In Our Lives

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How Important are Negative Charges (ions) In Our Lives

How the Environment Affects our Health as Humans


Health is the new Wealth. We live to pursue happiness with good health. But we are dealing with Healthincreasing illness like immune disorders, cancers, and most of us live with pain and chronic disease.

All life on this planet has a bioelectric field of energy surrounding it and thus can easily be influenced by things like electromagnetic and other pollutions. All forms of pollution including toxic chemicals, pollen, mold, pet dander, acid rain and harmful UV rays all carry a positive electrical charge (ion). The body’s cells naturally contain a negative charge and literally pulls these irritating elements in toward itself. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are significant quantities of positive ions in the air, which is especially problematic in congested cities, office buildings, and industrial zones. Also common household and workplace objects constantly emit positive ions.

We live in a high stress modern world. Not only adults but also children are all under stress of all kinds, and chronic stress can cause body functions like the immune system and self-healing properties are being affected. If you’ve ever felt depressed, anxious, or stressed for no reason at all or have higher inflammation levels, mood swings, chronic pain, or worsening allergies, you might be suffering from what’s known as positive ion poisoning. These dangerous little ions are small enough to be absorbed through your skin and lungs and aren’t visible to the naked eye.

The greenhouse effect increase the time we stay in air-conditioned places. The temperature gap between indoors and outdoors is stressful for the body, and huge amount of free radicals (active oxygen) being produced due to the damaged ozone layer is also hard for body to adjust to. When body can’t adjust to the environment, stress is induced and increases. Bad weather like a rainy day and high humidity or night time all cause positive ions to increase which makes unhealthy people to feel even more discomfort and they worsen chronic conditions. The discomfort of the body caused by stress is harder to be cured by medical treatments.

Positive ions can turn into free radicals in the body which can damage healthy cells and increase the acidity of the blood and the blood viscosity. Harmful free radicals are created by a chain reaction of body oxidation caused by positive ions, which raise the levels of lactic acid which can cause many illnesses including cancer. And the balance of the autonomic nervous system is thrown off and blood and lymph circulation declines which causes premature aging.

When the positive ions in the air increase active oxygen increases. Active oxygen can damage blood vessels and living organs. Active oxygen also causes cholesterol in the blood vessels becoming lipid peroxidation and reduces the flexibility of blood walls. When there are too many positive ions in your body, electrolytes of sodium and potassium and metabolites can’t easily pass through cell membranes, and metabolite can’t be discharged and nutrients can’t enter cells. Toxin accumulation in the body causes dysfunction of body organs and the autonomic nervous system, and induces both illness, and pre-ageing.

The essentials we actually need to thrive as human beings are: soil, water, and air.

Our health is fragile and inevitably tied to the health of the planet. Global warming and the ground-ozone level in the atmosphere affect air quality. Electromagnetic radiation and noise affect people’s and animals’ health and is threatening our health today and will continue to do so in the future.


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