Don’t Let The Flu Get You Down!

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Don’t Let The Flu Get You Down!

All diseases come from toxicity and deficiency.

Symptoms of cold or flu: A high fever, fluid in the lungs, crushing fatigue, and body aching.
When a person is infected by any pathogen — a virus or bacteria — they usually won’t know it until that pathogen has started damaging cells. That kicks the immune system into gear, making you start to feel sick. The fever, aches, and mucus all too familiar to flu-sufferers aren’t from the virus itself, but rather are the side effects of the body’s attempt to vanquish it. —  (In 1918 we faced the flu pandemic. Today, we’re still fighting the war.)

Do you know: Viruses live longer at the colder temperatures and Mucus membranes dry out in the cold and become susceptible to infections.

So strengthening your immune system, let your body use its own defenses to keep you healthy.

Here’s where to start:

  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Prioritize gut health. Avoid processed sugar, it weakens immune system and try immune-boosting foods.
  • Take supplements, get your vitamin D and probiotics/proteins.
  • Get plenty rest.
  • Stay hydrated, drink electrolyted water.
  • Exercise more.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Drink hot water or hot tea to help open respiratory, and get upright with your lungs in a vertical position if needed.

LavaBene Detox Spa offer negative ion treatment and Hyperthermia treatment, with electrolyted water and amino acid water.

Flu Symptoms

Dear LavaBene Guests,

During Pandemic, we all realize “health is new wealth”.

If you have come to us since Pandemic, we have prepared you better to fight the virus and the stress from lockdown and now the flu.

The end of 2020 is approaching, we shall be celebrating that we are fortunate to be fine and well and are able to enjoy the holidays.

We will be closed from 12/24/2020 until 1/4/2021 to run our annual maintenance in order to better serve you when we reopen at 1/5/2021.

Happy Holidays!

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